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Competitive Products

Drone Types

  • Quadcopters- A drone that only has four motors with four props. Example: DJI Mavic

  • Hexacopter- A drone that only has six motors with six props. Example: DJI 600 Matrix

  • Octocopters- A drone that only has eight motors with eight props. Example: Skyfront Perimeter 8

  • Fixed wing- A drone that has a fixed airfoil built into the airframe. Example: GAA Predator B​

Drone Categories

  • Private Consumer-A drone flown for recreational use only. Example:  Parrot Bebop

  • Commercial -A drone used for cinema photograph and aerial photos. Example: DJI Inspire 2

  • Industrial – A drone used for civil surveying or industrial inspections. Example: DJI Matrice 300

  • Agricultural- A drone used for maintaining crops. Example: DJI AGRAS T20

  • Government- A drone used in military and government operations. GAA Predator B


Private consumer:

Parrot PF728000 ANAFI: 4K HD camera,

25-minute flight time, top speed 55km/hr.,

controlled by external controller connected to phone,

uses Wi-Fi signals, cost: 700$ (



DJI Inspire 2 Drone: 4K camera

27-minute flight time, top speed 80km/hr,

controlled by external controller connected to phone,

uses wi-fi signals, cost: 3295$ (




DJI Matrice 300 RTK: 1080p camera with advanced sensors,

55-minute flight time, hot swap battery,

top speed 82.8km/hr., controlled by external controller connected to phone,

comes with machine intelligence that uses automated flight patterns

(smart tracking, pinpointing), uses wi-fi signals, cost: 6500$


Skyfront Perimeter 8: Camera capability (variable),

5 hour flight time, fuel injected hybrid engine,

controlled by external controller,

can be deployed quickly (5 minute deploy time),

can operate in colder temperatures (15F or -10C),

autostart engine (no manual start needed),

can carry payloads for a decent time

(17lb for 1 hour, 11lb 2 hours), long range (110 miles)


Skydio 2: 4K60 HDR camera, 23-minute flight time, battery operated,

3.5km (or ~2 miles) controlled by either external controller or phone app,

easily switchable battery,

uses GPS beacons/object detection for advanced tracking/operation

(implies machine learning for identifying people/objects)










DJI Agras T20: Camera unknown but drone is capable of providing

a bird’s eye view of a large area of land, hybrid engine (20 L storage),

4-hour flight, has sensor technology and smart ai to avoid collisions,

can fly close to crops to dispense pesticide, controlled by external

controller with its own screen, uses automated flight patters (smart guiding),

uses wi-fi signals, cost: 15,000$





GAA Predator B

(specifications outlined in background research)

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