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Lessons Learned in Testing

The following are the lessons learned during the testing trials of developing our UAV. 

The Crash Scene of V1

New Safety Guidelines

  1. All team members must wear safety glasses when test flying.

  2. Drone may not exceed 5m until successfully completing a test mission.

  3. Test flights may only be conducted in open areas with no people nearby.

  4. In the case of a crash all debris is to be picked up from the crash site.

  5. All team members must be at least 15 yards from the copter before flight begins.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-16 at 4.57.50 PM.jpeg

Telemetry Signal / Software Safety Parameters 

Due to losing signal many times during testing we increased the signal from 433 MHz to 915 MHz. In addition, we are applying an altitude limiter to prevent the tricopter from surpassing a safe testing altitude. 

Nylon Screws

The nylon screws did not withstand the vibrations produced by the motors. As a result we decided to go with aluminum screws in V2. 

High Density Plastic With Nylon Screws.jpeg
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