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Customer Segment

We define 4 potential customers as follows: 

1.Customs & Border Patrol: The UAV can be used for surveillance of the border. This will reduce costs as the current Predator B drone    has a large cost of downtime and manufacturing [4] as well as the improved ability to contact undocumented immigrants/Border agents in case of emergency [3]. With the addition of a neural network a phenomenon known as the ground effect can help the operator perform better flying/landing procedures. [5][6]

2.Fire Fighter & Rescue operations: The UAV can be used to survey wildfires and help cover larger areas in search and rescue missions. With the addition of better maneuverability, this can help firefighters better navigate the changing vortexes of air [18].

3.Military: UAV can be used for surveillance missions for gathering intelligence and perimeter security on bases. With the small size and weight, this means this drone can be deployed in the field without the need for a motor vehicle.[19]

4.Energy Sector: UAV can be used to perform inspections on windmills, oil rig platforms, pipelines and powerplant.  With improved maneuverability, this can help prevent collisions on power lines (if looking at transformer stations or delivery relays) as drones are prone to high accident rates.[8]

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