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Engineering Tools

Manufacturing Process 

After selecting our parts, we began the assembly process. During the assembly process however, we ran into some minor issues (such as motors being unable to fit into mounts) which required some additional machining. Some highlights are the drone frame supports (the white cubes seen within the drone frame on the prototype below) which served to reinforce the structural integrity of our drone frame, as well as the aluminum motor mounts which also serve the same purpose of reinforcement. Additional manufacturing as seen below is the soldering of the electrical components that run from a main distribution board. As with the frame assembly process, we also experienced issues due to the amount of power we were distributing. This required some re-designing that changed the design to exclude the capacitor, which eliminated one avenue of failure. Despite these setbacks, we were able to have a dry run relatively early.


Molding Plastic

Soldering Components

Soldering and Assembly


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