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Team Profile

Team Profile

Design and material choice: Our team has 2 students that have a strong background in design, and 3 with a strong background in materials. 
Fabrication and machining: Our team has 1 person that has a very strong background in fabrication and machining, with 3 that have experience in machining. 

Programming: Our team has 3 people that have experience in programming.

a.      For Arduino, the programming language is based on C++, which has many libraries as well as material available to learn from. The board itself is suggested for automated vessels that are meant to do one or more tasks without any external controls. 

b.     For Raspberry Pi, the programming language is based on Python, which also has many libraries as well as material. This board is suggested for more complex vessels, which need to do multiple tasks, but also comes with a complicated program structure. 

Electronics: Our team has 2 students with experience in electrical circuits.


Our team has identified the following knowledge and skills for a successful project: 

1.     Design and material choice: The material of the UAV is going to need to be extremely light weight but extraordinarily strong so understanding composite materials would be useful. As for the design, an airfoil implemented into the structure will achieve greater lift throughout operations therefore being able to perform flow test would be useful.

2.     Fabrication and machining: Another concern is finding the appropriate methods to form the material to fit the design (or to eliminate material choices based on their machinability). 

3.     Programming: In making this prototype the ability for the UAV to be able to operate on its own, detect objects and people, recognize signals and relay information is a must to have a competitive product.

4.     Electronics: The use of sensors, capacitors and batteries requires analysis as to prevent any malfunctions during operation.

5.     Power Generation: The amount of energy generated vs. energy used should also be considered. Also, the total energy onboard vs weight should be accounted for.

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