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Testing Trials

In testing trails, we encountered many technical difficulties and setbacks. Starting with the connections of the motors not being properly soldered leading to irregular rotations. We then encountered issues when getting the drone to fly. This was due to the set up the motors were in. We tried different variations of the motors spinning clockwise and counterclockwise. When we were fixing this, we had to do multiple iterations of the rotations to get the lift we needed. In total we ended up doing 5 iterations which took us about 20 hours spend over four or five days. The following video clips are of the multiple attempts made in order to gain initial first flight status for the Tricopter. 

Above the Clouds

Following the manufacturing process, we moved forward to testing trials. We began by testing electrical components with a bench test. We then moved forward to testing the motors.

First Bench Test

Motor Test

Above the Clouds

Yaw Test

Spins on Top

Above the Clouds

Spinning to the right

Dips to Left

Above the Clouds



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