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Value Proposition

When compared to our competitors, our product can offer the following values:

1.     Light frame with incorporated airfoil – With current quadcopters such as A&M’s, their flight time is only 30 minutes long [2] due to battery limitations. We are proposing to add an airfoil in conjunction with a lighter frame to increase the amount of lift and reduce the amount of energy required to maintain flight.

2.     Improved flight/landing procedures – With the addition of a neural network, this can improve the ability of the drone to make corrections mid-flight as well as during landing in order to increase the accuracy of landing (to land in rough terrain) as well as better adjust to turbulent winds, allowing for better operator control.

3.     Ability to carry a larger payload than normal – With a drone this small, there is a very limited amount of cargo able to be carried by the drone. This is due to the limited amount of lift that is generated by the motors as well as increased energy consumption thus reducing flight time.

4.     Better communication abilities – With the addition of a microphone and speaker system, we can have border agents contact the undocumented immigrants directly to guide them past hostile areas or away from environmental dangers, as well as relay the group’s condition (number of people, health of people involved)

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